Frequently Asked Questions

Just some standard questions that people often have about sustainability or our bamboo products.

How can I clean my bamboo hairbrush?

The important things with cleaning any of our bamboo products are: 1. Do not submerge your hairbrush or comb completely in water. 2. Ensure that your bamboo item is dry after washing.

Can I compost my bamboo products after I'm ready to throw them away?

Yes! Absolutely yes! Composting is something that helps our products be even more sustainable and further reduces your carbon footprint. However, there are a few things you need to consider. For our bamboo toothbrush the bristles should be thrown in the trash along with the staple holding them in place with the rest being compostable. Our bamboo comb is 100% bamboo and 100% compostable! Our bamboo hairbrush is made with bamboo and natural rubber. The pad is natural rubber and while it will break down it will take much too long for compost so throw that away and compost the rest!

Where does the name Gaia come from?

Gaia (pronounced "guy"-"ah") was the Earth Mother in Greek Mythology and the wife of Uranus. Our founder knew that she would be the perfect representative for a sustainability business.

What are the benefits of bamboo hairbrushes or combs?

Bamboo has many benefits for sustainability but let's talk about the benefits for your hair. Bamboo has an amazing quality of being able to disperse oils throughout your hair much better than any plastic brush. The other major benefit of bamboo products is that they are incredibly static reducing!

Is bamboo a sustainable material?

That is a firm yes! Bamboo is very sustainable because not only is it a natural product it also sequesters more carbon per pound than almost any other plant! It also grows incredibly fast because it is more of a grass than a tree.

What sustainable products does Gaia Industrees want to carry in the future?

We actually have a smaller size of bamboo hairbrushes ordered from our manufacturers along with a bamboo pick. Currently we are finishing out our hair care line and after we will finish out the bathroom line. If you have any suggestions for sustainable products please message us with any ideas!